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Outlook Technical Support

Outlook is used sending and receiving email over the Internet as a web based email service provider.It is more secure in comparison to other email as it uses encryption technology for sending mail.Outlook is one of the leading email service in order to share the resources to the clients and helps  to run their business smoothly.Developed by Microsoft ,It provides so many features so that it is used by many users.

How to reset outlook password

If you have forgotten your password then you need to reset your password.To know the process of Outlook password reset  you can take help from outlook customer expert.You will get reliable and excellent support to get rid of any problem.Here are the steps given below  to reset your passowrd.You will have  look on these steps:

  •     First of all ,you have to go the official site of Outlook then open your outlook account and enter email id.
  •     To reset your password ,you will have to select forgot password link.
  •     Here you are required to choose one option.
  •     Either you want to reset your password with the help of via message or via security question or via alternate email id.
  •     Then type the email id in the text field.
  •     After that you will receive a link on your alternate email id which you have entered at the time of outlook account creation.
  •     You have to click that link and you will be directly associated to your outlook account.
  •     If you do not know your alternate email id then you can reset your password via text message with mobile number.
  •     Then you will get a verification code on your number.enter that code.Your account will be open.

Outlook Not Receiving Emails

When you use outlook for sending and receiving then sometime you may face some issue  in receiving email.If Outlook not receiving emails then you need to fix this issue.Here are the steps given below to fix this issue.You will have a look on these steps:

  • First of all you need to check your service status ,if it is green then you can send a message.

  • If you are not receiving any email then you need to check your junk folder.For this go to the setting option then click on the Filters and reporting option.Now click on the save button then go back to your inbox.

  • Thereafter you need to clean out your inbox.If your inbox is full then you will not receive any message.

  • You also need to check your inbox filter.

  • You also need to check Blocked sender list.For this go to the setting option then on the left side select Blocked senders then Remove and save.

  • You also need to check Email forwarding option.If you are not receiving any messgae then click on the Stop forwarding.

  • You also need to contact the sender,may be he is sending a message on different email id.

  • You need to check your account,if you are not able to receive any message them your account may be temporarily blocked.

How to Create Outlook Email Group

If you have multiple contacts and you send the same email to everyone, then it may consume time and effort. Outlook Email has one feature and that is Outlook Email Group, means you can send the email to multiple contacts through Group Mail. The process is very easy and you can form the Group in an effective manner.

  • Open Outlook and click on the Home Page.

  • From the Home page, select “Address Book”.

  • Thereafter click on “Address Book” and then select “Contacts”.

  • After selecting the Contacts, go to the File Menu and click “New Entry”.

  • Under the New Entry, click on “New Contact Group”.

  • Now provide the name of the Group and click “OK”.

  • Your Group is created, the next step is to add the members of the Group, to do this, double-click on the newly created group and select “People”.

  • From the same, click “Add Members”, select it from the Outlook Contacts. Either you can type the name or email address of the members, click on the name to add in the group.

  • If the contact is new, then go to the Outlook Email Group, click on “Add Members” and select “New Email Contact”, under the Display section, type a name or email address.

  • Once you are done with this, click “Save and Close”.

How to Outlook smtp settings

  • First of all you need to authorise your server to access outlook account
  • After wards Login into your Outlook Account and smartly click on continue
  • Now Configure outlook into SMTP
  • wisely enters the outlook details in order to activate SMTP settings
  • Select other /Custom SMTP
  • Type smtp.outlook.com as a host
  • Now enter your outlook username
  • Enter the password or any other application password
  • and than click on save tab
  • Now all your Outlook SMTP settings has done in your device now

Outlook Technical Support Number

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