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Mozilla Firefox Technical Support Phone Number

Track Mozilla Firefox troubleshooting information in an instant

Firefox is the leading Web Browser designed and developed by the Mozilla Corporation. The platform offered by this browser is Windows, iOS, Mac and much more.Has your Mozilla Firefox stopped working? If yes, then do not panic! This post will definitely do well to you. Over the years people have witnessed varied changes in Mozilla Firefox with its one after another different versions, but the users’ credibility and reliability on it has been same since its very starting. Users can call at Mozilla Firefox technical support phone number for help and assistance.

Mozilla Firefox Not Working

To fix this issues you have to find the exact reason of this issues. There may be lots of reasons that could be creating this problem. Before using any other approach to fix this issues you have to make sure that your device have proper internet connection. To resolve this issue you can try below mentioned approaches.

  •     First of all you need to refresh firefox feature because lots of issues can be fix by restoring Firefox to its default state.
  •     Make sure that the website you are trying to open is loading in other browser but not in Mozilla so you have to check the server settings of mozilla.
  •     Use the latest version of Mozilla. You can update firefox by clicking the option menu and keep it mind that never install updates from third party.
  •     There might be possibility that your device is run out of memory so it is recommended to clear the cookies and cache memory and close all the apps or uninstall if they are not necessary.
  •     Sometime your internet security software may block Firefox so disable this feature and restart your firefox.
  •     Disable all the extension and enable them one by one to check which one creating issues. Once you find the faulty one disable that permanently or install the new version.
  •     Try using Chrome clean-up tool If mozilla keeps on crashing every time to fix this issue effectively.

2 Best Ways To Open Firefox In The Safe Mode

  • Open Firefox.
  • Click on the Menu link located at the top right of the page.
  • Under the same, click on the Help link, symbolized with the blue color with a Question mark.
  • Scroll down the Help page and click on Restart with Add-ons Disabled.
  • Thereafter you will see the dialogue box in your page, asking for the confirmation, click Restart.
  • After following the above step, a pop-up will appear on your screen, click Continue in Safe Mode.
  • Firefox opens in the Safe Mode, now disable all the Add-ons individually and make the changes you want to do in the Firefox.

Alternative Method

If in the above step, you can't open the Firefox, then follow this method. This method is the command method.

  • Tap on the Window key and R key together to open the Run box.

  • Once the box is opened, type “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” -safe-mode

  • After entering the code hit Enter.

  • This will enable you to access the Firefox in the Safe Mode.

Mozilla Firefox Technical Support

Mozilla firefox is freeware web browser which is used by million of users. Some users may face technical glitches due to technical and non technical failure. In this situation users need to contact with Mozilla firefox Technical Support. It is one of the most chosen support service to get instantaneous technical support. It is the best way to get all the solution and frequently assistance. You can also visit the technical support website of Mozilla to get immediate solution. We provide reliable service and concentrate on hundred percent customer satisfaction. Contact us anytime to get solution for all the issues in relevance to Mozilla firefox.