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Dial Fastmail Technical Support Phone Number for Varied Fastmail technical Issues

Do you know about Fastmail ? Well, it is one of the most prominent of all the email services which are available right now. The users of Fastmail are easily delighted to find the exquisite features of this email. Its wide gamut of features make everyone to prefer this email over other email services. However many Fastmail users, in spite of its plethora of attributes, are stuck into catch-22 situation when any issue arises in their email and repent their ignorance of not fixing these troubles. At this juncture a layman proceeds to choose Fastmail tech support service for the prompt elimination of his issue. Some of the troubles you might face in your Fastmail email account are as follows:-

  • Sign in troubles

  • Password reset issues

  • Account Recovery Troubles

  • Hacked account hitches

  • Junk email tribulations

  • configuration problems

Apart from the glitches which have been mentioned above you might face a lot of other issues when you start using your Fastmail account. However there is no point in being scared of due to these issues as these troubles can be easily removed with the help of astounding services of technical team of engineers.

How to Recover Fastmail Password

The Fastmail users can also be confronted into Fastmail account reset issue which is again not tough to fix. If you have failed to reset your Fastmail account then what will you do ? Well, do not worry at all as you can follow the steps below to reset your account in an easy manner:-

  • First visit the reset page of Fastmail email account

  • Now you need to type your backup email id which you have provided at the time of the creation of your Fastmail account

  • Next you need to click on the button named Send for receiving the password reset link on their optional email id

  • Now you have to click on the received link and then you need to type your user-name as well as password

  • after this, you need to reenter the password of your Fastmail email once again

  • Finally you need to click on Done in order to confirm your password

Step-by step methods to setup a FastMail Account

  • In the very beginning users need to visit the official website of FastMail.
  • There you will see the option of New Users.
  • A registration form will be appeared on the screen.
  • You need to fill the form by entering your name, contact and many other.
  • The system will generate available id for you.
  • You need to choose id relevant to you and proceed.
  • In the next level of account setup you need to enter the password and confirm it by entering once again.
  • Now you need to tap the submit option and now you became the member of FastMail.

The above mentioned steps are much effective and result oriented. But sometimes due to network failure, server down and due to some other reason people fail to get registered. In this this point of complication only technical support team can help you out. You should call on the desired number and follow the instructions provided by them.

Fastmail Not Receiving Emails

  • If you are getting email receiving problem through FastMail, then make sure you have entered the correct entries in the Incoming and Outgoing Server.
  •     First of all select the email client, such as Outlook, Mailmate, Window Live mail and much more.
  •     Open the email client, suppose Outlook.
  •     Two setup options are provided, and they are Auto and Manual. Select the Manual mode.
  •     Thereafter, select the services. It's recommended to choose “POP or IMAP”.
  •     You will see the Account Section, fill the details such as username and password.
  •     In the server section, enter “imap.fastmail.com” in the Incoming Mail Server and for the Outgoing Mail Server, enter “ smtp.fastmail.com”.
  •     After following the previous steps, click Next and go to the advanced section to enter the port number.
  •     For Incoming Mail Server, keep 993 as the Port Number.
  •     For Outgoing Mail Server, keep 465 as the Port Number.
  •     Now click “OK” and thereafter click 'Finish”.
  •     Hence your email is configured with the FastMail.
  •     Now open the email client and then send a test mail to the other domain which you have and then open the other email address and check the test email which you have sent from the FastMail Server.

Get Effective Fastmail Technical Support From Adroit Professionals

The above said steps are very easy to follow and just everybody can follow them and apply them in order to fix his issues. However in case he can’t follow these instructions, then all he can do is to contact Fastmail technical support representatives who can easily handle your problems through their excellent technical knowledge. They possess the best means through which they endeavor to fix all the technical breakdowns any Fastmail user can face while utilizing his email.

The Fastmail support technicians render their services at rock bottom prices to the users so that everyone can opt for their services. You can easily choose from a number of packages to fix your Fastmail related issue. Hence if you are the one who is desirous of getting speedy Fastmail customer service, then call Fastmail customer service number immediately.