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HP Printer not connecting

You won’t be able to connect your printing machine until and unless you have installed the printer's driver. Have you downloaded and installed your HP printer's driver? To download, open your web browser and type http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/. It will ask you to enter the printer’s model name along with your current operating system. The registered product will appear on the screen after you have clicked the NEXT icon. Remember, the downloading process takes some time. If your HP printer not connecting even after installing the HP printer driver, try to reconnect the printer!

 How to reconnect HP printer?

·         Find the window called CONNECT A NEW PRINTER; open it

·         You will be prompted to select the connection type

·         A set of on-screen instructions will appear

·         Now you need to click RETRY

·         A red X message will display

·         Click on NEXT icon then

·         Now you are requested to TURN OFF your printer

·         Plus, close all running programs on your computer

·         Do it while pressing the POWER BUTTON


·         It will allow you to click on RECONNECT THE PRINTER

Get in touch with the HP Printer Technical team

 Is your HP printer not connecting even after you have reconnected it? Don’t worry! There is another way which will settle down the problem for sure. You will be surprised to know that the HP customer support is beneficial to the printing machine users spread across the globe. You simply need to dial this number and ask for assistance. It will put its maximum effort in satisfying you.