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What Should I Do when fingerprint feature is not working in your hp device

If your laptop or notebook has a fingerprint reader then it uses BIOS with biometric support. Biometric feature increase the security of your device so no-one can access your device without your permission. Latest version of BIOS with Biometric support allows other hardware and software to support fingerprint reader. There are various other reasons you should check for like cleaning the fingerprint reader, updating the fingerprint reader device driver, enabling biometric support in the BIOS and many more.

How to solve HP fingerprint login not working

To resolve this issue you need to update the BIOS for biometric support and enable biometric support in the BIOS. You should check your Bios version from the official website of HP for better performance.

To check your current BIOS version

  • Start your computer and press the “F2 key”.

  • Select the system information to see the current version.

To look for BIOS updates

  •   Open a web browser on your desktop and go to the official website of HP.
  • Now select “Support & Drivers” and enter your “Product number.”

  • Select the operating system and “scroll down” and then expand BIOS.

  • If the new version of BIOS available on the website then download and install it on your device.

You can turn on and off BIOS on your device to enable and disable it. You can enable it under the “System configuration” and then “Save” the settings. The fingerprint reader is always enabled if the biometric system does not exist in your Bios.