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How to record a series with SuddenLink

Digital communication has seen a rapid transformation apart the introduction of cable tv’s and internet. People today can have multiple sources of entertainment. They use all these different mode of digital communication to Internet. Tv still’s play a major role in that. There are various digital communication company which makes various new product. One such is SuddenLink .

Sudden Link is America leading digital communication providing agencies.  Through their various digital device it aims to provide to entertainment to the customer across the North America region.  It always comes with new innovative product which help user to entertain. It has a strong base in TV and home videos section which help them to provide their product to large American home base. User loves to engage with their engaging platform. One can stream tv, DVD recording and streaming apps like Netflix, amazon, hulu . one of the common problem face by use is how to suddenlink record a series.

  • First of all, open your TiVo Central Screen.
  • Then  one need to  push the guide bo push the guide button to choose  the show one want to record
  • Push the red record button to locate on your remote.
  • Use the arrows located in the middle of the remote to scroll the guide up and down, locating the show you will record.
  • Just click on the ok button to choose the show as well as know about the detaling of your record show.
  • One screen will appear on your tv  in order to know whether one want to record the full episode or one episode.
  • After the selection then push the yellow triangular butoon to accept the recording.
  • Now once the  recorded show appears in the guide then push the guide button to exit it.

How Suddenlink Technical Support Engineer fix it

In case, if you could not able to program then one can call at the call on the Suddenlink technical support.   They have very well qualified excellent technical support team which are well versed in their domain.