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How To Recover Your Permanently Deleted Google Account by the Provided Methods

Permanently deleted Gmail account can easily be recovered by the user with the use of steps mentioned below. Many a times the user accidentally deleted their google account and then realise that they need it again for sending and receiving of emails. Therefore for this they wish to restore their deleted Google account.

Recovering the Permanently Deleted Google Account

So, for this purpose the user looks for how to recover permanently deleted google account on the internet and wants to get the solutions for it. Hence, for recovering the permanently deleted gmail account, the user is required to follow the below mentioned steps :

  1.     First of all the user needs to go to the password assistance page of Google by opening any of the web browser on their systems.
  2.     There the user is supposed to click on the option namely I’m having other problems signing in and should go to the next step.
  3.     After this option is selected, the user is required to enter their gmail account address that needs to be recovered.
  4.     When the email address is entered, user is needed to select on continue.
  5.     Also the user is required to enter their old password for that particular gmail account.
  6.     Select on continue once the password is also entered.
  7.     The user should then select on submit a recovery request so as to restore their gmail account.
  8.     When the user will select on continue they’ll be notified that this particular account has been deleted.
  9.     User will then see a link for recovery request form on this particular page that the user needs to follow.
  10.     User will then have to process the verification for their particular account.
  11.     On the alternate email address user will then again get a link that they need to follow.
  12.     By doing this the deleted gmail account will be recovered.

Hence, by processing these steps the user's deleted google account will be recovered and the user will then be able to access their account without any difficulty. On the other hand, for more details the Google representatives can be contacted.