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Online Technical Support to Fix Printer Not Responding Error

Printer can face many types of problems during the use. Not responding error is one of them in which printer becomes in frizzing state and not allow to perform any more function. When printer not respond you need to find the actual problem causing this error. Printer not responding error can be fixed with the help of certified technicians. And we are right here to help you to solve this problem. Just call to our printer support service and you will get quick online assistance to check and solve your printer issue.

How to Fix Printer Not Responding Error Windows 10?

A printer not responding errors on Windows 10 computers is very common among the users. Before you are trying to follow a critical troubleshooting process make sure first check the printer connection with your computer. Also check USB port try connecting to your printer and for Wi-Fi printers you need to check the printer is connected to the correct Wi-Fi network. If problem is not solved you can follow few more steps or call us directly at our support number to fix the printer not responding error on your system.

Steps to Fix Printer Not Responding Windows 10:

  • Is the Printer set at default printer?
  • Update the Printer’s Device Driver
  • Check all the printer connections properly
  • Switch off third-party firewalls blocking printing
  • Turn-off the antivirus software while printing
  • Check the printer’s Windows 10 compatibility
  • Run the Printer Troubleshooter in Windows 10

How to Fix Wireless Printer Not Responding Error?

Wireless printers usually connect through Wi-Fi connectivity and you can connect multiple devices at a time to take out prints. However, many times wireless printer also become in freezing sate and not responds at the time of printing. To fix this error code follow the useful steps given below and if you failed to fix the problem, just dial printer technical support number and get online solution by our team of experts.

Steps to Fix Wireless Printer Not responding Error:

  • Update the printer drive on your system.
  • Update the wireless network driver of your PC
  • Make sure printer Wi-Fi network is accessible
  • Switch-off and restart your printer again.
  • Try to connect your system with printer manually.

How to Fix Printer Not Responding Error?

The best way to fix the printer not responding error is find out the real cause of the error code and apply the most suitable solution by experts. Hardware problem in computers also creates such issues and make printer not respond while printing. However, there could be other reasons behind such issues so, you need to follow an effective troubleshooting process that can fix the error code and solve printer related various other problems. If you need any kind of help just dial printer tech support number and get quick online help.

Steps to Fix Printer Not Responding Error:

  • Check the hardware components
  • Restart your printer and spooler service
  • Configuring to Correct Port and IP address
  • Update or reinstall the Printer Drivers
  • Run the Printer Troubleshooter to fix the error