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How to Fix HP Printer Not responding Issues

HP is large multi national giant which is situated in USA yet has its presence all around the globe. HP printers are known for its state of art technology, power , resilience and stability.However HP Printers are manufactured with all due care and durable, there might be a few situations when your HP printer might not work. This might lead to a problem when HP Printer is not responding for Windows 10. If you face this situation when your HP printers experiences a problem, you will see an error message on your PC screen that says that your printer is in an error state. This won't allow your printer to work in a proper manner.

There are different reasons that make HP unresponsive to windows 10 and few of them are discussed below:

  1.  The physical connection of your printer isn't proper: It is a plausibility that your PC and printer are not connected appropriately with each other and your printer is giving you issues. The most ideal approach to deal with this is to check the connection of your printer with your PC , restart your device and attempt again to print a few papers with your printer.
  2. The device driver of your printer isn't updated: Every printer requires a device driver that enables the printer to take commands from the PC and print papers. In the event that your driver isn't updated then it might cause an issue in normal working of your printer. To tackle this, you have to Update the driver of your printer from the web and afterward restart it. Restart your device and after that and try once more

 If you need any technical help, you can specifically contact HP Printer customer support to get help to resolve your queries.

 HP Printer Not responding | Comprehensive Solution

Driver Issue

If the HP Printer is not working smoothly on your Computer, then make sure the drivers of the same are updated. If it is not, then update the drivers and for the same, follow the steps listed beneath.

·         Click on the Start Menu and type Control Panel.

·         Move to the section ‘Hardware and Sound’ and under the same, select Printer.

·         Thereafter, you will find the Printer, select the same and right-click on it to select Update driver.

Troubleshooting through Windows

·         Click on the Start Menu and type Control Panel.

·         Hover your cursor to the top of the page and select ‘Large view’ from the categories section.

·         Scroll down the page and select ‘Troubleshooting’.

·         Here, you will find the applications, select Printer.

·         Select your Printer from the list and click troubleshoot.

Hence, the above-said solution will fix your Printer completely. On the off chance, if still persists any issue, then go for the Reset process. If you can’t perform the operation, then take the expert’s advice by contacting HP Technical Support. The geeks will offer the detailed process of the same and this will help you to fix the issue.