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How to Create Group in Gmail

How to Create group email in Gmail

Gmail has always acquired a specific place among the account holders.People are accessing this single email application and are really happy with the results.Number of mail applications has been launched yet but none of them has such qualities to replace Gmail.It is fulfilling both personal and official requirements of the users.It has not only solved the problem of storage but also resolved the security issues.Number of people have done the registration with it and even there are some people who are doing the registration on regular basis.Users can make multiple accounts associated to Gmail.

No doubt that Gmail has never let down its users but for some situations,individual needs immediate help.To overcome such situations,individual are required to connect with the support team immediately.To contact the support team,there is need to reach the help number immediately.  

There are number of problems that has been solved through the customer support team.Here,individual could see the resolution for one:

How to create Gmail group?

    It is first required to open Gmail
    Now,there is need to tap over the button of “Gmail” that is on the left side
    Users may now select the button of “Contacts”
    However,users need to click the option for  “New group” to make it open and name it
    Also, there is need to tap the “Ok” option
    Users should now tap the icon for “See image”, it will result in opening new window for adding the contacts to the group
    It is now required to tap the “Add” button
    In case, individual will have Renu in your contacts to add to the group.
    It is now required to enter the name and mail’s with particular name will come
    Individual should now go with same procedure until all the contacts has not been added
    A new work group will now be seen with the number of contacts in addition
    To come over the original page, tap over the “Contact” button and then over the “Gmail”
    For composing a new mail,it is required to click  “Compose” button
    It is now required to look that whether the problem get solve or not