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How to Connect wireless printer to laptop

CANON PRINTERS : Canon printers are the most efficient and worthy device of the Canon brand. If you think for printer then only one name comes to mind and that is Canon printers which are way more easy and dominant to any other printer brand in the market. Printers are basic need in the computing industries for the printing purpose of any important data or document, whether it is personal or professional.

Basically deals with print, copy, fax and scanning the documents in your day to day life. It features international photo imaging quality.

Easiest way to connect wireless Canon printer to laptops

  •     Canon is the best printer maker. It is user friendly printer on which you can print your documents and photos.
  •     If we use wireless printer then we need to configure it on computer.
  •     In the below enlisted step we are explaining  how to connect wireless canon printer to laptop.
  •     First of all remove all the protective materials from the machine and Open the paper output tray then lift the scanning unit cover.
  •     Now insert the power cord into the power interface and connect the other end to the power outlet.
  •     Turn on the printer and select the language from operation panel.now open scanning unit cover and Insert Ink cartridge then close scanning unit cover.
  •     Wait till the printer to adjust the ink cartridge and select wireless Lan setup in operational panel.
  •     Now select easy setup then press OK and choose Access point then press ok.
  •     Now enter the WEP key by operational panel to connect your printer.
  •     Insert the CD in your computer and click on run Msetup4.exe on the autoplay screen.
  •     After this select your location where you stored it in the pop - up window.
  •     Click easy install on the next page and then select use the printer on network.
  •     Wait till installation completes and click next when printer detection screen appears. Select your printer and from the detected printers list and click next.
  •     Wait till printer setup completion window appears and then click on complete.
  •     Printer application menu will appear on your screen after the setup is completed.