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How to change IP address of your Dlink router

D link router issues can be difficult to solve, if you do it by yourself. But, this D link router tech support can help you to get rid of some of the D link issues. Some of the issues with solutions are:

¯        Login to the router.

¯        After you’ve successfully login. Router configuration webpage will open.

¯        On this page, click on the SETUP tab at the top. Now, you’ve brought your router setting.

¯        In ROUTER SETTINGS section, you can change your Router IP address. After changing it, click on the Save Settings button.

¯        After that you may be ask to reboot your browser, reboot it. Your router IP address is now changed.

¯        Also, insert the IP address in your browser address bar to check it.

Setting up the DAP-1320 router:

¯        Plug-in DAP-1320 router into the wall for electricity.

¯        Open your PC.

¯        Scan for all the available wireless networks in your area. You’ll see dlink-1320 connection in the list.

¯        Press Connect button to connect to it and insert the security key.

¯        After that, you browser will be automatically redirected to D link 1320 configuration page. Click on the Next button and continue the process until the setup is completed.

How to login to Dlink router?

If you are looking to Login D Link Router than without missing a chance get in touch with the steps mentioned below:-

  • First of all open the web browser
  • Type in the address Bar type the IP address of the router
  • Than you have to enter the user name and the password in the blank mentioned
  • After wards click on ok or Login and thus you will now easily Login your D-Link Router