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Gmail Configure Smtp Settings

If you are unable to send the Mail from Gmail, then you must verify the SMTP settings of the Gmail, might be the entities are incorrect, so you must fix the same by entering the correct values. If you are accessing Gmail through the browser then you must not go for the manual settings of the SMTP. These settings are required for the email client programs, such as Outlook, Thunderbird and more.

However, if you have configured the Gmail with the email client program and unable to send the email, then verify Gmail SMTP settings. Also, ensure that your email client program is up to date and you are accessing the latest version of the same. The detailed information of the settings is listed below which will help you to perform the task smoothly.

Gmail SMTP Server Settings

·         SMTP Server Name: smtp.gmail.com

·         SMTP username: your Gmail username or email address.

·         SMTP Password: your Gmail Password.

·         SMTP Port Number: 587 for TLS and 465 for SSL.

·         Server requires authentication: Yes

There are two types of Servers, i.e. IMAP and POP. So in the section of account, you may select anyone.

If failed to send the mail; might be your email client is outdated, and due to the same Gmail blocks the settings and thus an issue arises. To prevent such issue, you must update the email client program and thereafter enter the correct details of Gmail SMTP settings which are listed above.

However, if still persist an issue, then take the guidance from the certified technicians; contact Gmail Technical Support. The techies are well known for such issues and they always have the best solution to fix such issue. They work around the clock for the assistance of the users, so you can reach anytime for the effective support.