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How to connect wireless printer to laptop

We all know about the roles of printer in our life. Over the course of time it has changed a lot, currently its being one of the most important devices which is commonly found in every household or the office spaces. With the advancement of printer we have moved from the earlier version of dot matrix printer to the laser printer which has now printed with the instant speed as well as give a perfect execution. One such company which has gained a name in the printer making business is “HP’’.

Hp is one of the major and leading names in the printer making business. All of us has been aware about the quality of their printer whether its hardware or software. Apart from the that Hp printers are known for providing best printing experiences as its cartridges has long longevity. But sometimes user do faces problem while working on it, some of the common issue face by the HP printer is Printer not printings, jam issues as well as Problem or Issues in Ink cartridges. One of the most common problem faces by user while working on HP printer is how to connect wireless printer to laptop. One can take the help of hp technical support or follow these simple procedure :

How do I connect my wireless printer to my laptop ?

    ·       First of all one need to connect your printer to the network.
    ·       Once the printer is installed on your network, then one has to connect to your desktop or laptop.
    ·       Further one has to open the control panel by going to the start menu or typing control panel in the search bar.
    ·       Then select Devices and Prtinter and further view” Devices and printers.
    ·       Again click on Add a new printer.
    ·       Then select add a wireless printer or Bluetooth printer.
    ·       Now on wards select your printer from all the lists.
    ·       Afterwards you are ready to print.

    Role of HP Toll Free Number ?

Sometimes situation arises when a user couldnot able to successfully install the wireless printer to the devices or couldnot able to print the Then under such condition one can directly take the help through the    HP toll free number. HP no doubt has an excellent technical support team which work 24*7/365 days in order to fix the problem on given time schedule. They provide both online and offline as well as remote support to make sure that their customer doesn’t have to face much hassle in resolving any issue.