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Know Easy steps How to change Gmail Username in Android phone

Gmail is an open source service designed by Google. It enables users to send and receive over the Internet. Gmail provides gigabytes of storage ,it is the main feature of Gmail which makes it unique in comparison to another email sites. Almost most of the people use Gmail as it provides so much affordable features. Gmail provides more security as it uses cryptography technique for sending an email. So that when an email is send by you then it is send in encryption form only you can decode it .It is useful for some business application as sometimes Gmail is used as a paid version.

How to change Gmail Username in Android phone

Gmail is easy to use. Nearly most of the people use Gmail for sending and receiving email. You can change Your Gmail account name .If you do not know How to change Gmail username in Android phone then you may take help from Gmail customer support. Gmail provides certified technician for resolving your query. They will provide you best guidance for changing Gmail password. Here are the steps given below to get new user name for Gmail account,You need to follow these steps:

  • First you have to open your Gmail account with your Gmail id and password.

  • Next ,you have to go in the settings options of your Gmail account that is upper right corner of the window.

  • You need to click on it.

  • Then you have to select “Accounts and Import “ options.

  • Now you need to go in the “Send mail as” section and you have to click on the Edit info.

  • Here you have to add your Name which you want to show when you send any messages.

  • Now you have to scroll down and click on the save changes.

  • To check that Your Gmail account name has been changed or not,You need to send a message,after that you can check this message.

  • Then you need to sign out your Gmail account for protecting your Gmail account from hacking or unauthorized users.

Efficacious help with Gmail support team

Now you can easily change your Gmail user name on Android device but still if you are getting any issue then you can communicate to Gmail technical support. You will get major help from Gmail support team. They will provide you reliable solution to get rid of any query. They are always ready for your help.