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Is Your Asus Laptop TouchPad Not Working

Asus is a leading computer manufacturer and seller company, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. The products offered by the Asus are Desktop, Laptops, Notebook and much more. The features in the entire products are very advanced and meet the market demands and due to such, it is highly admired by the users.
Electronic items undergo for the breakdown or need updates, if not taken the proper measure, then it won't perform smoothly. Here, in the product of Asus, the components need only updates and users avoided the same and reported the issue Asus TouchPad Not Working. Basically, there is two solution to fix this issue. If you also underwent for the same issue, then follow the steps listed below.

Asus Laptop TouchPad Not Working- Quick Solution

the first method is to enable the touchpad and then another method is to update the drivers. Now, let's see the detailed procedure.

Enable the TouchPad: -

  •     To perform such operation, go to the Setting of your Laptop.
  •     Click on Devices.
  •     Under the device section, click on TouchPad.
  •     A new window will appear, under the TouchPad section, click on the checkbox Enable the TouchPad.
  •     Once you have performed the above step, click on OK.
  •     Now, check the TouchPad.

Asus TouchPad Scroll Not Working

If you are facing the issue, Asus TouchPad Scroll Not Working, then you need to update the TouchPad drivers, i.e. Asus Smart Gesture and for the same follow the steps listed below.

  •     Open Settings from your Laptop.
  •     Click on the Control Panel.
  •     Under the same, click on Programs and Features.
  •     Select the Asus Smart Gesture and right click on it and select Repair.
  •     Thereafter the Windows will restart after that go back to the control panel followed by the Setting.
  •     Click on Uninstall the Program.
  •     Select the Asus Smart Gesture, right click on it and select Remove.
  •     Once it is removed, download the latest version of Asus Smart Gesture.
  •     Once it is downloaded, install the same and after Installation, the Windows will restart again.
  •     Now check your TouchPad. Hope now it will work smoothly.

Asus believes in fulfilling the customer's requirement and maintains the loyalty, that's why Asus has made every item user-friendly so that the user can access easily and get no issue. The features of the Asus Laptop are highly advanced and upgraded too.