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Personal computers  has redefining our worlds and brought major changes to our life. Especially after the laptop and palmtops everything information is just away from one click.  Anyone can create views, share as well as upload any files or videos from anywhere in the world. It is also perfect entertaining devices in the world where  one can listen, watch audio as well as videos files. Asus technical support  assist and guide to the new user for any kind of queries and problem

Any one who owns a personal computer must be aware about the Asus  personal computer. Asus is one of the top name in the Personal computer business. It is known for making  affordable, reliable products which serves the customer of different age groups.  The best thing about the Asus is it makes product in all ranges to serves their different customers. It has experience not only in personal computer making but also various electronic components like mobile phone, notebook , storage devices as well as other electronic devices.

Some common technical issue which are solved by Asus technician are discussed below:

  • ssue related to Antivirus updation and Installation.

  • Unable to install Driver on Asus Computer.

  • Internet related issue.

  • PC tune and Optimization issue.

  • MAlware related issue.

  • Performance related issue.

  • Asus laptop is showing black screen.

  • Unable to open Asus laptop.

  • Bluetooth connectivity issue.

  • Virus scan and removal support or Guidance.

How to Fix Charging Issues of Asus Pc

The Asus computers are used by a large number of users all around the world. Many times, the ASUS users find themselves in a difficult situation, when they are not able to charge their laptop even when the cable is plugged in. So, if you are too facing the similar situation, then you just have to follow the steps written below:

  1. Firstly, the users have to check the AC outlet along with the plug of their PC to check that they are working fine.
  2. Then, the users have to make sure that their ASUS computer is properly plugged in.
  3. After that, they have to also check that the battery of their PC is situated at a correct place properly.
  4. Then, they should also try to completely remove the movie first and then, plug the laptop again. If the laptop works properly after that, then the problem would be related to the battery and not the laptop.
  5. If there is any kind of breaks, or burnouts, or some complicated bending along the length of power cords, then the users should immediately replace that cord with a new one.
  6. The users have to make sure that their PC is not suffering from the overheating problem. If it does, then they should place their laptop above a cooling fan to avoid the charging issue again.

So, if still, you are unable to fix this not charging issue of your ASUS PC, then you just need to dial the Asus computer toll-free number for getting the best ASUS troubleshooting support.

How to resolve Asus Home Button Not Working

 One of the common problem face by the user is asus home button not working. Then one can take the assistance from the technical support or follow these methods :

 One need to try pre installed Asus Support app.
    ·       Then select on Assistance and further select Display and Touch.
    ·       Again one need to select Touch Malfunction.
    ·       Then one need to follow the 6 trouble shooting steps.
    ·       In case, if you have seen a complete drain battery a few times and then allow a full charge.
    ·       If the issue exists, then its probably a hardware issue.

Asus touch screen not working

  1.     First of all go to the “device manager” and expand the “human interface devices” tree.
  2.     Now make a right click on “USB Input Device” which has the touch screen device.
  3.     After this click on “properties” from the context menu.
  4.     Now you have to go to the the “power management” tab and unselect the “allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” checkbox.
  5.     To save the settings you have to click on “OK” tab.
  6.     Now in the control panel section select “system and security” and click on “power option”. From the power option window you need to click on “Close what closing the lid”.
  7.     After this change the “When I close the lid settings” to “Sleep” under the “plugged in” and “On battery” mode.
  8.     Now click on “save changes” button and restart your window if the issue still persist or not.
  9.     If your problem still persist then go to “Control panel” and open the “system and security” then click on the “power options”.
  10.     From the power option window click on the “Change plan settings” option which shows the currently active power plan.
  11.     Now click on the change advanced power setting option and expand the “USB settings” tree from the list.
  12.     You have to expand the “USB selective suspend settings” tree and choose “Disable” for both “plugged in” and “On battery” settings.
  13.     Now click on “OK” and restart your computer then install the updates you need.
  14.     After following these steps your issues has been resolved. If you still got the same problem them you may contact to technical support team of Asus.

 Get effective support from certified technicians on various Asus technical issues!

Asus is one of the most popular Taiwan based MNC company, which provides a wide range of mobile phones, laptops, desktops, tablets and many others. All these products are used by the billions of users across the world. Asus products are well known for its high quality, latest technology and fast speed. Behind these features, sometimes users face many technical issues while using the Asus computer or any other device.

How to fix hard drive and power plugs issues?

Is your Asus laptop’s hard disc fails to work? It is all caused beacuse your BIOS hardware not functioning properly. If you want to resolve that, then apply the following steps:

    First of all, turn off your laptop and then restarts its BIOS configuration.

    Now press and hold the F2 button for a few seconds until the power button is used for turn on.

    Press the F2 button continuously until you have to be seen the BIOS screen.

If you are unable to resolve your issues by the following steps, then simply dial Asus computer tech support phone number to get the relevant solutions the technicians. All of these technicians are well qualified and certified by the company. When you contact with these technicians, they will gives you an effective help on your Asus computer related issues.

Setup and configure ASUS computer

ASUS is the leading brand in the field of computer which helps users to manage their work, get entertainment videos, games and many more things on the system.

Users can setup their ASUS computer and start their work for which they need to follow the given steps

·        Run all windows update by typing update in the search box

·        Select check for updates option after which the update process will begin

·        Adjust display settings by right click on the screen and select display settings option

·        Move slider under change the size of text, apps.. and reboot your computer

·        Unhide file extensions and hidden files by opening the file explorer view tab and toggle on files name extension and hidden items

·        Activate cortana by going to the search box seasrch for cortana and complete the process

·        Install browser as per the choice

·        Set keyboard shortcuts for every apps

·        Copy and sync files

·        Make the browser theme as per your choice

Users can also get the ASUS computer tech support by visiting the support page of ASUS or by contacting the support experts through phone and get the best possible solution for their issues in simple and effective steps.

Asus Customer Support

If you are getting any of above issue then feel free to reach asus Customer support.They will provide you better guidance to fix all the issue related to Asus.You will not to have worry for anything ,just need to call on Customer support number.If you looking for Online assistance the this number will be helpful for you.