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Toshiba Technical Support

How to get quick fix solution for Toshiba laptop issues

There are occasions when the Toshiba user faces problem with their device and laptop not working or responding is one of the common issues. To solve the problem of Toshiba laptop not working or responding firstly turn of the device and remove all the peripherals from the system. Factory reset the device to solve the laptop not responding problem. Make sure that the AC Adapter is working correctly and press ‘0’ till the recovery screen appears. Select the appropriate Operating System and click ‘Yes’ to move further. Now as the recovery wizard appears select the option ‘Recovery of Factory Settings’. If the steps are followed correctly user will surely get over the problem of Toshiba not working.

The other most common issue with Toshiba laptop is that it is displaying black screen. Make sure that user is able is able to reboot the device. Try rebooting the system and then look for system restore to the back date which will solve the problem of black screen and the device will start displaying the correct information. Also to solve the problem of Toshiba Laptop displaying black screen try to boot into Enable VGA Mode. For this turn off the device and power on it again. Now as the logo appears click F8 until user sees the Windows Advanced Boot Menu. Use the down key to highlight Enable VGA Mode and press enter. Also test the LCD in System BIOS and run the laptop in LCD Built-In Self Test. Change the video settings and check the visible damage to the LCD. User can also contact the Toshiba laptop support expert to solve the device problems.

But, sometimes problem arises by using the services and products of company. So, first of all have looks on the kind of technical error faced by the Toshiba users:-

·         Improper setting problems.

·         Problem of lost files and folders in case of accidental deletion or hard disk formatting.

·         Installation related problems.

·         Repairing related problems and many more.

Whatever problem you are facing just don’t panic. The easiest way resolves all your problems are to take the help of Toshiba technical support. The certified technicians are available to help you and give you the easy and quick resolutions. You can take the help of Toshiba customer service to get rid of irritating Toshiba problems. You can call on their number and can take their expert advise in any kind of your Toshiba related issues. Experienced tech experts take care of all the Toshiba problems by giving easy and perfect solutions.

How to solve the Toshiba laptop Wifi connection issue with Windows 10

Toshiba laptop is the device which comes with all the latest technologies and the battery backup is high. There are instances when the Toshiba user have registered problem in WiFi connection over Windows 10 platform. There can various reasons behind the issue and this article will provide troubleshooting steps for the solution of Wi-Fi connection issue. Mostly users face the problem after system update or Windows 10 upgrade.

Toshiba Laptop Recovery Process

This process consist of several steps which you need to follow in mentioned order to recover your laptop without any hustle. These steps are:

    Ensure that your laptop is turned off. If not then shut down from the Windows Start menu.

    If any external device is connected with laptop then remove that.

    You need to make sure that AC adapter is plugged in sockets and working properly. It should be connected because your device must not power off during recovery process.

    Now press and hold down the zero key on the keyboard and power on your laptop.

    Release the zero key when the recovery warning appears on the screen.

    Now select the appropriate operating system of your choice.

    You will get a warning screen which states “When the recovery is executed all the data will be deleted”.

    To continue this process click on continue.

    After this toshiba recovery Wizard will open on your screen.

    Now you have to select the “recovery of factory software” or the appropriate option according to your need.

    Follow the on screen instructions to complete the process.

After following this process you are able to find the solution of issue How to Toshiba Laptop Recovery. This process may vary from machine to machine. If you have a recovery CD then you can recover your laptop through it. You need to create a backup for all your data because when you reset your Laptop your all the data will be deleted or rewritten. Your laptop may restart several times at the time of recovery. You may also use custom size partition to reset your laptop. You can create a backup CD for all your data. After the completion of recovery process you can use this CD to restore your personal data.

These are some of the reasons and best solutions to fix the Wi-Fi issue –

  • Wireless adapter driver might not be compatible with Windows 10 and in some case Wi-Fi driver is missing. If Toshiba laptop won’t connect to Wi-Fi Windows 10 then install the correct drivers for the Wi-Fi connection.
  • If reinstalling the driver doesn’t fix the issue then Wi-Fi connection problem might be caused due to unsupported VPN software. Uninstall the software the fix the Wi-Fi problem.
  • Wired Ethernet connection might be causing the problem if the user is having built-in Ethernet adapter or USB Ethernet adapter.
  • Update the Wi-Fi adapter drivers on Windows 10 fix the Toshiba laptop Wi-Fi connection trouble.

For better solutions for Wi-Fi issues contact the support team over Toshiba technical support phone number. Support expert will provide remote assistance for the Wi-Fi connection problems and solve the troubles with the Wi-Fi instantly.