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Iphone Technical Support

 The iPhone has bring the change in the world of smartphones as it has changes the life of many because of its most unique and special features which mesmerise and change the life of the user as it’s made of most updated Technology. It is built with the idea of multi touch screen having virtual keyword as well. The iPhone user can enjoy its many services including Shoot Videos,Play music,take photos,browsing web,sending or receiving emails or text messages,notes recording,calculation and many more.The iPhone is best known for collecting,storing and providing information on the Apple devices which user can use anywhere. iPhone has capture a huge market in a stipulated period of time because of its new upgraded features.The users can smoothly pass the information from one device to another,User can easily sync photos to all of the other devices and also can send messages to other devices.It also offers you with the mind blowing storage for your favourite photos,music,apps,news hunt and many more.Each app in the iPhone store create to indulge or engaged,inspired and to entertain you so that your life always fill with the technology.The app has been designed in such a way that the user can go through the complete details of the app before installing the app. There are some of the common iPhone issues which user usually faces while operating it like phone is working slow,GPS not working properly,screen freezes or hangs while operating,unable to receive or send i Messages and texts for you every issues whether small or big we have dedicate team of highly absolute recognised members you resolves your issues in just simple and quick way.

Iphone Camera Not Working

  • First of all, User needs to open your I phone camera and then resolve your software and hardware problem in case if it has any problem.
  • Then user must have to look into the various issue be the possible reasons, One of them is user needs to be like Camera app seems to be either frozzy or laggy.
  •  If the user is facing a black screen and the camera is not working, then it is close and then Tap the home button to open twice openly as well as find the camera apps and swipe it to close it.  
  • Despite the problem persist then User needs to press the Home and power sleeps button periodically  until Apple’s logo will appear.  Then restart the phone button.
  •  Check afterwards whether its working fine or not.
  •  In case Even after that issue persist then User needs to reset the phone.
  • In order to do so first of all, User needs to remove all the contents  whether songs, videos, contacts, photos which will be removed.
  • To Reboot your Iphone , Again User needs to go to the settings and then general as well as Reset and Erase all Content and Settings. 

Iphone Not Connecting to Wifi

If you are falling to connect iPhone to your wifi than no need to worry just follow the basic easy steps which are mentioned below:-

  • First of all turn on your Wifi
  • And than check whether the Wifi Network Password is Protected or not
  • Now Restart the iPhone again Forcefully
  • Check whether you have updated to the latest iOS
  • Now Reset the iPhone’s Network Setting
  • Turn Off the Location service and then Wifi Networking slider to the Off Position
  • Complete the backup of all the data on your phone before cleaning all the content and making any settings
  • Once the Reset is done completely you will now have new iPhone with all the fresh features ready to use again

Iphone Touch Screen Not Working

  •     The first thing you need to do is to clean off your fingers as well as iPhone screen.
  •     Sometime restarting your phone will fix your most of the issue so perform a hard reboot to fix the unresponsive touch screen.
  •     There might be possibility that iPhone screen is not working due to just one particular app. So it is recommended that delete and update or reinstall the problematic app.
  •     Make sure that iphone has enough storage space available, if iPhone has zero storage available then you need to delete unused app.
  •     Is the iPhone screen is damaged so you need to repair it to work it again.
  •     If your iphone still not working then back up your iphone and restore it via iTunes.

If you are still facing the same situation then to resolve your issues you need to call on iphone customer service number. Call on this number to get immediate help. Your call would be attended by professional experts who can resolve your issues within minutes. They guarantees to provide the best solution and their prime concern is 100% customer satisfaction. This number remain active all the time so when you find any difficulty feel free to call on this number.

Why need of Technical Assistance

By following all the above steps you can easily connect your iPhone to your wifi but at any point if you can’t be able to connect it than no need to worry just be patient and directly get in touch with our iPhone Technical Support who are the most distinguished and well qualified technicians always available at your services in order to give you most quick and immediate result anywhere and anytime. Our Technical team always assist you with best and genuine services and support by taking the remote access of your device or either through chat,telephone or email effectively immediately in terms of providing you most reliable,long lasting and well grounded services as we value your time and money both.Our Technical Team always available at your services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in order to give you step by step resolution of all your Technical errors which is just a never ending services and available at only one click only.