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Hotmail Technical Support

How to get solution of issues related to Hotmail account

Hotmail is the email service featured by the Microsoft. Hotmail is now configured with the Outlook and the duo gives the excellent features. When a user login a their account they get 25GB space on Windows Live Skydrive with additional 5GB storage space. It is a free email service.The user's face lots of issue to access their account on outlook. You can get high level assistance for hotmail at technical Support center.

Why to avail Hotmail Customer Service

We are having a team of troubleshooter who possess skill, wisdom and knowledge to resolve technical issues. Complicated problem with hotmail are resolved by troubleshooters. You can contact us to solve the technical issues like account configuration with IMAP and SMTP settings, creating and installing hotmail account, unable to send and receive mails, problem in downloading and attaching files, password recovery and reset issue and many more.

For any issue, you may contact the Hotmail customer service anytime as the techie work around the clock. They have good hands on experience in solving versatile technical issues. The use of advanced and improved technology enables them to get the comprehensive and effective solution.

How to Change Hotmail Password

To change the Hotmail password is a very easy process. Just follow these simple steps mentioned below.

  • Go to the official website of Microsoft to do the same, enter “account.live.com” in the address bar of the Browser.

  • Now enter your email address and correct password to do the Login.

  • After login, click on “Profile Picture” and then scroll down to select “View Account”.

  • From the “View Account”, click on “Change Password”, after doing the same, a new page will appear where you have to re-enter your email address and password, enter both and click Next.

  • Once done the previous step, check your registered mobile to enter the security code sent by the Microsoft. Microsoft provides the dual step authentication method to keep your account safe and secure.

  • After entering the security code on your computer, enter your new password twice, and confirm the same.

  • You will receive an email from Microsoft, confirming about the change in password.

Process to Create your Hotmail account

Creating a Hotmail account is very easy. Following are the steps for how to create hotmail account-

  • Visit the hotmail official website- First visit www.hotmail.com where you will find option of sign in and sign up. If you already have windows live account then you need to just sign in else you have to sign up to get Windows Live account.
  • Fill up all details in sign up page- Here you have to enter your personal information i.e. your name, date of birth, gender and nationality. After that create your user name @hotmail.com and at the same time password should be strong and case sensitive. This information will be used at subsequent step to access the email account.
  • Provide contact information- enter alternative phone number and email address to recover your password in case your forget it.
  •  Enter the captcha- This is to identify that Hotmail users is not a Robot.
  •   Agree to the terms and conditions- Now users can accept to the terms and conditions of service and privacy policy to complete the Sign up process.

·    Login to the email account- Now the users can directly login to the mail account via the account username and password.

How to fix all your HOTMAIL Login problems right now

  • So, the first step recommended by the hotmail customer service is to every user is to make sure that they should have turned the CAPS LOCK in their keyboard OFF.
  • Along with that, the users should also make sure that they have entered the spelling of their Hotmail email address correctly in the username field.
  • Moreover, it is extremely important for the users to clear the history along with the cache and cookies of the browser in which they are accessing their Hotmail account.
  • Sometimes, logging into the Hotmail account from a different browser also fixes this problem to a great extent.
  • In the next step, the users have to go to the Official Password Reset page of the Microsoft and along with that, they have to provide the reason there as to why they want to reset their account password.
  • If still the users are not able to log into their account then they have to check whether their HOTMAIL Profile is temporarily blocked or not. In case, if it is blocked, then all they have to do is to simply check if it is true or not.
  • Moreover, one thing that the users have to make sure is that they aren't trying to log into their Hotmail account from an application which does not belong to the Microsoft. Because in that case, the users will face too many problems in case, they have enabled the 2 step verification for their account because in those different apps, this security feature violates with the properties of their account.

Hotmail Tech Support

Hotmail Technical Support team provide non stop assistance for Hotmail account. Our engineers help to remove viruses, spam and bugs inside email account. You can recover your hacked and locked account with the help of our technicians. We provide repairing of  malfunctioned hotmail account and provide the remote support to solve the user's queries.If you can't fix access within your account or you want to access mail into another account automatically then contact us.