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How to Change Suddenlink Wifi Name

Suddenlink is a telecommunications company headquartered in Missouri, US. It provides the service of cable television, high speed internet, home security, advertising. If you are taking the service of Suddenlink internet or broadband and need to change the Wi-Fi name  then, go through following to do so:

  •     If you don’t know the password and Wi-Fi network name, then, reach out the modem and check out the name and password on the modem.
  •     SSID is the network name.
  •            S/N or Passphrase is the password.
  •       However, if the default network and password have been changed, then, go through following steps below:
  •       Check if your computer is connected to the internet
  •       In the address bar, you need to type in the IP address and press “Enter”.
  •        A login page appears, in which you need to enter the Username and Password.
  •       Click on Login or Apply.
  •       Now, select Connection.
  •       Then select Wi-Fi from the menu on the left.
  •       Now, select the Edit button beside the two frequency bands which are 2.4GHz or 5GHz to change the name of the network.

 If you have used the same name for both the networks, then, only one SSID shows up nto your network and Wi-Fi selects the network which is more suitable for the device.

  • Now, enter the network name(SSID) in the field provided.
  • Select on Save Settings and the Wi-Fi name has been changed.

The above steps are for Arris XB6 Advanced Wi-Fi modem.

If you need to know how to change Wi-Fi name for Hitron CGMN -2250 Advanced Wi-Fi modem, then, go through following:

  •     Open your browser.
  •     Enter the IP address into the address bar.
  •     Log into the modem by providing username and password.
  •     You need to select Manage Wireless from the on -screen options.
  •     Select the network frequency for which you need to change the name.
  •     Enter the network name in the concerned field.
  •     Select to Save Changes and it saves the new name and allows the modem to restart.

The above steps help to set the new name for suddenlink modems with different model.